This book covers key areas of engineering research. The contributions by the authors include  DIY safety kit, making COVID-19 safety kit at home, Biodegradable bag for making safety kit, horizontal irregularity, earthquake load, storey shear, maximum storey displacement, storey drift, Lab VIEW platform, mathematical model, defect density, absorber layer thickness, carrier concentration, tin based perovskite solar cell, parallel sigma delta converters, resolution, sampling, interleaving techniques, D-S modulators, quantizing errors, green building practices, energy efficiency, sustainable construction, electron beam welding, equipment for EBW, numerical control, layered Double Hydroxide, intercalation, UV-visible spectroscopy, drug release kinetics, phosphate buffer solution, compliant mechanism, topology optimisation, clutch fork, optimal design, reverse engineering, discharge efficiency, sampling interval, sensor node, wireless sensor networks, aerobic brickbat grit sand, NMR-relaxation, structure-dynamical parameters, nuclear magnetic resonance relaxometry, signal and transmits, RF transmission, wifi environment, wireless charging, radio frequency,  ransomware, spyware. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of engineering research.


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