The word that rules the market and human decisions is Emotions. Although there are other terms like psychology and behaviour related with management decisions and researchers in this area has given tremendous viewpoints. It highlights the fact that we are dealing with real people in the real markets those have real feeling neither practical nor logical. Thus, behavioral studies have become essential for business environment. As a result, in the recent times this discipline has grown by leaps and bounds with contributions of experts in these fields. We make an attempt to cover the major aspects of behavioral perspectives with this book.

This book is an attempt to introduce various behavioral perspectives in the light of management decision. It must keep in mind that although behavioural concepts can be studied in different ways, they are difficult to implement. Organizational Human behaviour can be studied in various ways in context to employees, consumers, investors and public as common. In this regard, the book discusses the existing available perspectives and their behavioral counterparts. It analyses the various behavioural perspectives in detail as well as their individual and organizational behaviour.


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