This book covers key areas of engineering Research. The contributions by the authors include  public transport, subsidy, transport services, sliding bearings, vibrations, fuzzy logic, vibration spectrum analysis, battery management system, voltage balancing, multiple model, fault diagnosis, performance degradation, command input strategy, reference models, climate change, evapotranspiration, irrigation water requirement, mechanical properties, rolled products, cold heading, bolted metal products, storage tanks fabrication, entrepreneurial risk, diversification process, diversification strategy, integration, die attach process, measurement tool, non-conductive adhesives, energy coal mixtures, physico-chemical properties, mineralogical analysis, hygroscopic moisture content, polyaniline, carbon nanotube, nanocomposite, cadmium sulphide, electrical transport, critical pressure, hydrocarbons, carbon atoms, molecular formula, blast domination number of a graph, triple connected domination number of a graph, triple connected graph, wind energy, PV module, energy storage system, pulse width modulation. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of engineering Research.


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