This book covers key areas of pharmaceutical research. The contributions by the authors include prednisolone, HPLC and method validation, medication adherence, Morisky medication adherence scale, type II diabetes mellitus, therapeutic outcome, isolated rabbit intestine, relaxant activity, ethanolic extract, adrenaline, adverse drug reaction, pharmacovigilance, arthritis, C-reactive protein, pharmacological screening, gastro-retentive drug delivery system, floating tablets, keto amino acids, glomerular filtration rate, conservative management, end stage renal disease, mother's womb, complexation, antiepileptic’s, epilepsy, histopathological examination, kidney disease, tumor incidence, carcinoma, breast cancer, spectroscopic analysis, phytocompounds, glycogen phosphorylase protein, docking, diabetes. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of pharmaceutical research.


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