This book covers key areas of pharmaceutical research. The contributions by the authors include cardiotoxicity, cardiac troponin, cardio protective effects, optic canal, duplication, anatomy, skull, tumour removal, decompression, intravenous errors, wrong dose, wrong medication, health care, non-alcoholic agents, insulin resistance, obesity, farnesoid x receptor, oxidative stress, intestinal microbiome, body mass index, waist hip ratio, ligands, binding affinity, combinatorial protocol, Burden matrix, Sanderson electronegativity, binding affinity, Analgesic agents profiling, inflammatory agents, nociception, pain assessment, tonic and visceral, aseptic process simulation, antidepressant activity, forced swim test, tail suspension test, depression, surveillance, prevention, drug resistance, antibiotic cycling. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of pharmaceutical research.


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