This book covers key areas of engineering research. The contributions by the authors includes fuzzy rule, wind speed, wood drying process, solar energy, point diffraction interferometer, optical path alignment, error calibration, image processing, precision measurement and control, High-precision optical systems, ultraviolet lithography, periodic structures, extraordinary transmission, electromanetic metamaterials, sub-wavelength imaging, resonance and resonating structures, ceramic glazes, decalcomania, centrifugal casting, Taguchi technique, metal matrix composites, geographic information system, remote sensing, flash floods hazard assessment, Analytic hierarchy process, morphometric analysis, hydrology analysis, low-cost radiosonde instruments, meteorology, climatology, geophysics, creative design technique, embroideries, traditional of textile application, heritage culture, Ikat technique. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of engineering research engineering research.


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