This book covers key areas of Medicine and Medical Research. The contributions by the authors include laryngeal paraganglioma, laryngofissure, lateral pharyngotomy, breast cancer, basal marker expression, ultrasonography, tuberculosis, lymphoma, leishmaniasis, chylothorax, cisterna chile ligation, surgical treatment, thoracotomy, thoracic duct ligation, neuromuscular and somatosensory TMJ pathology, Turbulence Laser Therapy, models of clinical situations in TMJ disorders, aspiration, feeding, natal teeth, Riga–Fede, facial nerve paralysis, immunosenescence, Immunocompetence, Oral Vaccine against SARS-CoV 2, Gold vaccine, dental sciences, dentistry, integration, orthognathic surgery, implant prosthetic rehabilitation, skeletal class III malocclusion, melanosis, peri-orbital pigmentation, synovial fluid, arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatoid factor, c-reactive protein, anemia, Demographic determinants, Pregnancy, schizophrenia, hallucination, delusion, D-neuron, dopamine, neural stem cell, nucleus accumbens, glycated hemoglobin, calcium, magnesium, phosphate, uric acid, microalbuminuria, type 2 diabetes mellitus, pancytopenia, anaemia, reticulocyte count, immature reticulocyte fraction, tabacco use disorder, depression, suicidal attempt, micro-thrombosis, nicergoline, schizophrenia, post-mortem brain, dopamine, tyrosine hydroxylase, ventral tegmental area, immunohistochemistry. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of Medicine and Medical Research.


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