This book covers key areas of Science and Technology. The contributions by the authors include sliding mode control, manipulator, unknown control direction, Nussbaum function, lyapunov approach, machine learning, internet of things, back propagation, remote sensing, deep learning, LIS Research contributions, lubricity additive, ultra low sulphur diesel, biochar, plant growth, rice husk, seed germination, silicon content, binary mixtures, metabolic syndrome, bioactive peptides, storage proteins, biomass, disease resistance, finger millet, grain color, marketability, variety evaluation, physiotherapists, modified Delphi technique, health professions, digital design, digital architecture concept, computer-aided design understanding, digitalization, design pedagogy,nNegative acoustic effect, insect larvae, stiffness, resonance frequency, physical wellness, physical activities, e-learning, text-based learning, deconstructive philosophy, coronary artery disease, nanoparticles, nanotechnology, restenosis, acoustic cavitation, barrel sanitation, phenolics extraction, microbial activation and destruction, spoilage, wastewater treatment, wine maturation, : Dust-Ion acoustic solitary wave, dusty plasma, KdV Soliton, Bolzmann Electrons. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of Science and Technology.


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