This book covers key areas of Engineering Research. The contributions by the authors include Linear sources, peninsular India, peak ground acceleration, return period, seismic hazard, Multirate filtering, narrow-band signaling, compensation theory, CIC filter, decimation, compensation filter, PV generator , power electronics, Fast adders, redundant arithmetic, carry free addition, hybrid and signed digit numbers, Linen fabric, edible gum, cow urine, wash fastness, rubbing fastness, colour fastness to light, Access controlmethods , awareness training , certification, software based reusabilitycomponents software component based security, Water-traps system, rainwater management, lock-brick system technology, quality of household life, water and food security, efficiency, intelligent agent, mobile communication, resource flexibility, traffic profiles, expansive soil, fly ash, bagasse ash, coir waste, E-commerce, usability subculture, web application, Optical character recognition, artificial neural networks models, academic learning performance.This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of Engineering Research.


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