This book covers key areas of Economics, Business and Management. The contributions by the authors include term deposit subscription, 10-fold stratified cross-validation, neural network, derogation, continental free trade area, industrialization, regional integration, bilateral agreements, technology management, technology utilization, ICT infrastructure, banking sector, Entrepreneurship, personality factors, social factors, societal factors, entrepreneurship, small-scale enterprises, micro-enterprise, rural development, rural small-scale industries, entrepreneurial development, firm formation, employment creation, income generation, forward and backward linkages, efficiency wage, productivity, efficient wage theory, capacity building, change, complex environment, organizational success, rapid technological advancement, public sector reforms, performance budgeting, responsibility accounting, Primary budget deficit, economic growth, solidarity economy, collaborative economy, Economic Loss, hydatidosis, behavioral finance, biotechnology companies, financial markets, environment management practices. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of Economics, Business and Management.


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