As per the preface of the book with title is Modern Perspectives of Logistics Transport in Economics. Empirical Studies in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam Vol. 1 that logistics transport plays an important role in human’s life and economics. Logistics transports consists of (1) logistics road transport, (2) logistics rail transport, (3) logistics marine transport, (4) logistics inland waterway transport, (5) logistics air transport, (6) logistics pipeline transport.

  • According to the argument of Sameer Abu-Eisheh, Wilhelm Kuckshinrichs, Abdelnaser Dwaikat (2020), the transport sector plays an important role in socio-economic development in developing countries. MD Sarder (2020, page 140) argues that “Transport is vital to the sustainability of many businesses and greatly affects the economies of many countries.
  • The rail transit system provides a set of available trains connecting departure and arrival stations to a group of people according to their journey and a rail transport company's train schedule. The rail transport system represents a network of trains and its nodes (Cheng-Ta Yeh, Yi-Kuei Lin, Louis Cheng-Lu Yeng et al., 2021). Today, rail transport is the most used, efficient and cheaper than other modes of transport in the supply chain (M.Hajiaghaei-Keshteli, M.Aminnayeri, SMTFatemi Ghomi, 2014) .
  • Marine transport accounts for more than 80% of global trade by economies and communities around the world every year. Ocean shipping is the most efficient and cost-effective mode of international transportation for most goods, providing a reliable, low-cost global means of transportation that facilitates trade and help create prosperity among nations and peoples (International Maritime Organization, 2020). Ocean shipping accounts for a very large part of the total world transport. Ocean shipping is mainly used to transport goods, liquid fuels, all kinds of products and people, ocean tankers, cargo ships and barges that require huge amounts of energy to transport. operation and is usually powered by diesel or residual fuel (Yusuf Bicer, Ibrahim Dincer, 2017).
  • Inland waterway transport is also the most energy-efficient means of transport, inland waterway transport using diesel engines per kilometer is about 100 tons/km, which is lower than other modes of transport such as railway or road (Cezary Golebiowski, 2016). The competitive power of inland waterway transport can also be enhanced in non-traditional ways (Christa Sys, Eddy Van de Voorde, Thierry Vanelslander, 2020).
  • Air transportation has changed people's lives in every aspect and helped people experience different cultures and create new relationships all over the world, Air transportation not only provides services passenger service but also provides freight services between countries across continents. Airlogistics is an extraordinary phenomenon that has become even more critical not only to the success of airlines but to every consumer and business leader worldwide (Sir Richard Branson, Michael Sales, 2013). Since the early 1900s, goods transported by air have evolved into an important component of world trade as today's global consumer society. Although air freight accounts for about 3% of the real-world tonnage, the value of goods is more than 35%, which has made it an extremely important business. (Michael Sales, 2013).


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