This book covers key areas of economics, business and management. The contributions by the authors include international business theory, international economy, the time of COVID-19, mercantilist tendencies, international trade policy, protectionist pressures, agriculture protection, bilateral agreements, CO2 emissions, fresh and clean water, new and old renewables, coal or oil and gas dependency, opportunism, shirking, pretending, asymmetrical knowledge, public sector, transport infrastructure, employment, Chinese economy, corporate tax rates, Income splitting, transfer pricing, tax jurisdictions, business fluctuations, open economy macroeconomics, financial markets and the macro economy, policy design and consistency, policy coordination, rural income inequality, non-timber forest incomes, income decomposition, business intelligence, entrepreneurship, multiple intelligence, emotional intelligence, future entrepreneurship project, growth management policies, sustainable development, changing marketing environment, corporate diversification, product diversification, agency theory, opportunism, internal capital markets. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of economics, business and management.


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