This book covers key areas of chemical science. The contributions by the authors include  sol-gel method, nanocomposites, differential scanning calorimetry, elasticity modulus, molecular docking, antibacterial activity, phytocompounds, climate-resilient crops, global warming, tumor proliferation, abiotic stresses, sigma phase, microstructure, Cold gas-dynamic spray processing, antipathogenic materials, grain refinement, powder metallurgy, viral inactivation, nanostructured materials, ultrafine grains, boundary-mediated atomic diffusion, Claisen-schmidt condensation, Michael addition reaction, distance learning, Esterification,  esterification, Gamma irradiation technique, hydrogels, random field Ising model, Monte Carlo simulation, Monte Carlo simulation, matrix reduction, DNA cleavage, DNA interaction, fluorescence spectroscopy. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of chemical sciences.


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