This book covers key areas of Disease and Health Research. The contributions by the authors include L-thyroxin, ovary, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, testis, Enteric fever, Acalculous cholecystitis, Mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome, Ultrasonography, hemoculture, Widal test, Blood glucose, euglycaemia, eumetabolism, dysmetabolism, diabetes, chronic stress, Clavicle, nutrient foramen, foramen index, sternal end, bone grafting, Bladder cancer, thermotherapy, non-muscle invasive, chemohyperthermia, recirculating, intravesical chemotherapy, Exfoliative buccal mucosa cells, exfoliative cytology, buccal micronucleus cytome, buccal epithelial cells, cytokinesis blocked micronucleus assay, antibiotic sensitivity, histology, clarithromycin , levofloxacin, Severe cutaneous adverse drug reactions, cyclosporine,  CUSCORE method, Bernoulli CUSUM,  COVID-19, Parkinson’s disease, neurological symptoms, neurodegeneration, Parkinsonism prevention, Ionizing radiation, radioprotection, chromosomal aberration, cytochalasin-B blocked micronuclei, histamine H2 receptor antagonist, famotidine, ranitidine, human lymphocytes,  Arterial Blood Gas , and  chronic disease. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of Disease and Health Research.


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