This book covers key areas of environment and earth science. The contributions by the authors include global photosynthesis, sedimentary organic matter, CO2 assimilation, photorespiration, oscillatory pattern, facial isotopic shifts, temporal isotope differences, environmental factors, ecological compensation point, human pancreas, diabetes mellitus, acute pancreatitis, tectonic vortexes, volcanism, seismicity, Coriolis force, global tectonics, earth dynamics, magma upwelling, climate change, land–atmosphere interaction, clouds, diurnal cycle, snow cover, prairies, land-use development, hydrometeorology, bioethanol’s plan, fuzzy logic, environmental sustainability, epipelic algae, lotic system, ecosystem services, place theory, environmental perception, postmodern urbanism, urban biosphere reserves, nest placement, nesting patterns, habitat. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of environment and earth science.


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