This book covers key areas of science and technology research. The contributions by the authors include environmental protection, pollution, trace metals, indicator, heavy metal, township and pollution, Automatic adjustment, compensation method, irradiation, metallic environment, mobile antennas, putrefaction, aborted fetuses, dead young parents, aborted blood, contraceptive menstrual blood, splitting of the earth, spontaneous combustion of environment, mandatory live humans, baby boom, environmental monitoring, Crack detection, image processing, genetic algorithm, deep learning, glycine max, flavonoid, herbivory, mechanical damage, secondary metabolite, atmospheric emissivity, atmospheric radiation, ceilometer, cloud parameterization , imperialism, Minna society's evolution, stratified random sampling with optimum allocation, rural population, forest bioenergy, cloud feedback, pyranometer, pyrgeometer, ventilation system, steady state solution, simulations and probability, E-Commerce, M-Commerce, consumer behavior, semi-Markov process, sales completion time. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of science and technology research.


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