This book covers key areas of chemical sciences. The contributions by the authors include  tertiary amino group, Inner complex, regression analysis, spectrophotometric validation, Euclidean matter-space, non-local interactions, metric matter, self-assembling, unification, inclusion complexes, DFT B3LYP 3-21G method, cheminformatics, drug design, computational chemistry, molecular modelling, drug discovery, computational chemistry, molecular modelling, DNA Staining Dyes, Conceptual DFT, chemical reactivity theory, Alzheimer disease, Amyloid \(\beta\)-peptides, A\(\beta\)40, A\(\beta\)42, computational chemistry, molecular modeling, chemical reactivity theory, carbon paste electrode, differential-pulse voltammetry, impedance measurements, neural network, internal model control based PI, Sierpinski’s fractals, self-similarity, the periodic table of the elements, atomic number, atomic weight, right angled triangle, matlab program, heavy metals, biochemical process, HOMO and LUMO energy levels, binding energy, energy bond gap, micellization, conductivity, viscosity. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of chemical sciences.


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