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DOI: 10.9734/bpi/mono/978-93-91473-07-5

While the processes for the extraction of a metal from ore have been industrially practiced, the process mostly is economically for ore containing high amount of metal or metallurgically is called as high grade ore. A low metal content or low grade ore has not been occupied as metal resources due to economic consideration. However, the ore sometime consists of several valuable metals. Recent deficit of high grade ore have forced the understanding that extraction of several metals from a type of ore beyond the conventional method may be appropriate. Total resource recovery is the correct nomenclature for the longest-standing alternative approach seeking to extract metals from ore with leaving no waste. This work attempts to present extraction of several metals form single type of ore. A series of processes is discussed to give an illustration of total resource recovery leading to zero waste process industry.

This book is basically intended for mining engineer, metallurgist and researcher as well as post graduate student who are interested in metal extraction field.


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Advanced Processing of Lateritic Ore

Hadi Purwanto

Advanced Processing of Lateritic Ore, 2 July 2021, Page 1-69

Laterite ore is one of the mineral resources contains several kinds of metal elements, such as nickel, cobalt, iron, silicon, aluminum and chromium. It is widely distributed in the equatorial region and is mainly used as a nickel resource. However, the utilization is limited to only the laterite with high content of nickel. While the nickel-less laterite ore has never been used effectively in spite of the huge deposit, it sometimes has high content of iron. As high grade iron ore deposit becomes less year by year, the high iron content of laterite is quite attractive as an iron resource. A series of process to utilize the high iron content laterite ore as an iron resource is introduced. Beginning with description of the physical and chemical characteristics of laterite ore including dehydration treatment, the process is started with comminution and agglomeration following by selective reduction of laterite ore using mixed gas. The reduced laterite ore is then subjected to nickel extraction through leaching process. The next step is recovery of iron from leached-laterite residue in the form of magnetite compound using magnetic separator which is finally subjected to reduction process for iron extraction.