Knowledge has a hierarchical structure. Advanced concepts are developed from and built upon earlier foundational concepts.  If the assumptions underlying the initial concepts turn out to be faulty, then the entire structure collapses. This is what has just happened to currently accepted astrophysics.

Big Bang theory is the foundational hypothesis upon which mainstream cosmology is based.  In the pages of this book, you will find the conclusive argument why this mythical event is both a logical and scientific impossibility.  Because big bang theory fails, so do all the other theories that have been built upon it – including expansion theory, dark matter theory, dark energy theory, and Higgs boson theory.

General Relativity is the currently accepted theory for gravity.  In the pages of this book, you will find conclusive mathematical and scientific explanations for Einstein’s errors in formulating his imaginative geometric theory of gravity.  General Relativity fails – and with it so do the gravitational lensing and gravitational wave theories that depend on it.

Scientific truth is never a matter of consensus.  Sometimes the majority is wrong, as it was during the era when the prevailing belief was that the Sun revolves around the Earth – and as it has been yet again, for the last 100 years.


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