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Associate Professor,
Department of Human Development and Family Studies, College of Home Science, G.B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Uttarakhand, India.


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This book covers key areas of Humanities and Social Sciences. The contributions by the authors include intertextuality, meta-poetry, modern Arab poetry, Mahmud Darwish's poetry, E-learning, critical success factors, Capital structure, leverage, managerial skill, return on equity, Dysmorphobia tendency, praise seeking, rejection avoidance, self-oriented perfectionism, Victorian fiction, Mary Elizabeth Braddon, sensation novels, Gothic novels, gender studies, subversive narratives,, post-feminist studies, narratives, antheroes, epistolary novel, early detective fiction, female detectives, Foster Greer and Thorbecke index, household endowment, logistic regression, poverty reduction, rural households, Boundaryless careers, employable workforces, young, career competences, environmental management accounting, environmental performance, small-medium sized manufacturing, egocentricity, histrionic personalities, leadership qualities, memory, repression, striving for recognition, exorcism, deliverance ministry, exorcists, contemporary world, feminism, gender, femininity & masculinity, Da'wah Communication, social life, communication practices, grade and academic specialization. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences.


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Sufi Motifs in Mahmud Darwish's Poetry or Mahmud Darwish as a sufi Poet

Jamal Assadi, Mahmud Naamneh

Selected Topics in Humanities and Social Sciences Vol. 8, 5 November 2021, Page 1-13

This article will address the mask of Farid Ed-Din Al-Attar as depicted in Mahmud Darwish ’s poetry, with the goal of studying the confluence of the sufi mask and intertextuality, as well as poetry and meta-poetry. To be more explicit, this study will look into a few issues: Why did Darwish wear the mask of Al-Attar? Was it a mere fondness of a powerful ancestor? Was it a protest against the grave spiritual and intellectual deficit as well as poverty that plague current Arab literature? Was Al-Attar simply used as a sufi mask, or as a signal of inter- textuality? Was Darwish attempting to pay homage to an ancient ancestor without whom he would be unable to survive in the present and lead a successful struggle? In other words, did Darwish aim to use Al-Attar's heritage to restore Arab poetry and its revolutionary spirit? If so, is Al-Attar a revived sufi living among us to guide in person the battle for freedom and to promote the level of Arab literature? Or was Darwish given life by Al-Attar, the sufi saint?

A Brief Overview of Analyzing Critical Success Factors for Effective E-learning Implementation

Kumar Raman, Jeyagobi Dhamodarem, Amir Heidi

Selected Topics in Humanities and Social Sciences Vol. 8, 5 November 2021, Page 14-18

Nowadays, e-learning has been adopted by the majority of educational institutions. Despite the fact that the e-learning market is quickly expanding, it can’t be denied that failure rates in the implementation and use of e-learning are rising [1,2]. According to Frimpon [1], Critical Success Factors (CSFs) are the pillars for successful e-learning implementation. In view of this the goal of this research is to identify the critical success factors (CSFs) for effective e-learning implementation. Based on the systematic literature analisis, five main factors and eighteen sub-factors were identified as a CSFs for successful e-learning implementation. CSFs are the features of the teacher (teacher's attitude, teacher's computing technical skills, interaction among teaches-students, teaching style, knowledge in e-learning content development and self-efficacy), the characteristics of the student (attitude, computer competency, interaction, self-efficacy, motivation and cultural and social norms), the infrastructure of information technology (internet accessibility, reliability and availability), design and content (perceived ease of use and perceived usefulness) and  the features of organization (training and support).

Investigating the Impact of Leverage and Managerial Skills on Firm Performance

Syed Amad Nadeem

Selected Topics in Humanities and Social Sciences Vol. 8, 5 November 2021, Page 19-29

The goal of this research is to look into the impact of leverage and managerial skills on shareholder returns. In this study, the proportion of debt in the firm's total capital structure is of particular importance. Total debt and long-term debt are used to calculate leverage. Each company's CEO's managerial skills are evaluated based on his or her education and experience. The return on equity is used to calculate the value of a stockholder's investment. Different firms use different capital structures and it is a difficult task for a manager to decide what capital structure minimizes risk and cost while maximizing shareholder wealth and firm value.  In this study, I used panel data analysis on a sample of 25 companies from 2009 to 2014. The companies were chosen from Pakistan's agricultural sector. According to the findings of panel data analysis, there is a significant and positive relationship between a firm's total debt and return on equity. Similarly, the findings show a significant and negative relationship between a firm's total debt and return on equity. Return on equity is found to have a significant and positive relationship with the CEO's education level and experience. Long-term debt, on the other hand, has a negative but significant relationship with return on equity. According to the findings, as a company's debt grows, so does its return to shareholders. Similarly, increasing only long-term debt reduces stockholder returns.

In this study, we examined the relationships between dysmorphobia tendency and praise seeking, rejection avoidance, and self-oriented perfectionism. Subjects were 311 female university students. We created a model in which self-oriented perfectionism mediates the effect of praise seeking and rejection avoidance in dysmorphobia tendency. The results showed that subjects with a stronger desire for praise seeking and rejection avoidance showed more appearance evaluation apprehension and obsessive concentration on appearance. The results also show that praise seeking enhances self-oriented perfectionism, which in turn reduces appearance evaluation apprehension. People with a desire to acquire positive evaluations seek perfection in themselves, but if the desire to achieve perfection becomes stronger, they seek perfection in areas that are unrelated to appearance, and obsession with physical appearance weakens. This study is a first step toward clarifying the source of dysmorphobia tendency in female adolescents, but further research is required.

Victorian sensation novelist, Mary Elizabeth Braddon, subverts gender roles and generic expectations with Thou Art the Man [1], which subverts a patriarchal culture by exposing the father as a duplicitous scoundrel who resorts to murder, and then conceals his secret to maintain his position in society. This article examines the narrative surrounding the exposure of the true nature of the father, and the female protagonist’s expanding awareness of how reality is not what it seems, and that fugue states, which are seemingly flights of irrationality, actually point to the truth. Braddon’s narrative within a narrative, which is the protagonist’s journals, creates a foundational narrative of revelation, while the characters’ narratives that surround it create threads of deception, secrets, and lies, suggesting that the world of appearances in Victorian England was not to be trusted.

Study of Household Endowment and Poverty Reduction

O. J. Ijila, W. A. Sanusi

Selected Topics in Humanities and Social Sciences Vol. 8, 5 November 2021, Page 41-52

The influence of household endowments (capital and human asset) on the welfare condition of households has not received adequate attention despite its importance. Due to the high incidence of poverty in Sub-Saharan African countries, particularly Nigeria, this study aims to look into the role of household endowments in reducing poverty among rural households in Ijebu-Jesa, Osun State. Data was obtained from 120 households using a multistage sample method and analysed using frequencies and percentages, the Foster Greer and Thorbecke (FGT) index, and logistic regression analysis. The findings indicate that poverty is slightly pervasive among rural households (48.3 %). The determinates of the role of household endowment on poverty reduction considered are age, gender, years of schooling, membership of the cooperative, access to credit, household Income, access to mobile phones, and household size. However, gender (p< 0.030), membership of the cooperative society (p< 0.036), household income (p< 0.009), access to mobile phones (p< 0.037), and household size (p< 0.000) are significant variables for explaining the effect of the household endowment on poverty reduction. It is therefore recommended that the government should introduce programs and policies aimed at facilitating the smooth establishment of cooperative associations in the study area. In addition, tariffs on telecommunication should be subsidised to encourage more individuals to access and utilise mobile phones.

The convergence of an aging society, knowledge economy, and professional labor mobility introduces issues for education. Societies are approaching a norm of social politics organized around flexible labor markets and structural exclusion which alters the access to social inclusion through education and employment. The analysis of national education and employment policy is important in the context of a contemporary crisis of capital. The local communities, Taiwan accommodates global capital by deregulating and opening up its markets, takes active interest in the competition for the best brains, and develops a cosmopolitan outlook. The author addresses the rescaling processes affecting Taiwan in which youth are settling. Young people face a world of work filled with uncertainties in the context of intensifying global competition and contractual flexibility.  The aim of this paper is to examine some key aspects of social change in Taiwan, which has undergone significant changes in its occupational structure, labor market, economy, and educational provision since the 1980s.  The paper has three aims. The first deals with the structural and institutional transformations, and some key aspects in its political economy, labor market and education. The second is concerned with occupational and social mobility patterns and trends, and their association with the changing role of education. Finally, this paper explores the experiences of youth to gain an understanding of the social, political, and cultural factors that impinge on school-to-work and social mobility outcomes. Literature review is utilized to gather some descriptive statistics.

Study on Environmental Management Accounting and Environmental Performance

Rapiah Mohamed, Che Zuriana Muhammad Jamil

Selected Topics in Humanities and Social Sciences Vol. 8, 5 November 2021, Page 78-81

Research Highlights: The purpose of this paper is to look into the relationship between environmental management accounting (EMA) and environmental performance in Malaysia's small-medium (SMEs) sized manufacturing sector. The environmental issue has impacted many businesses, regardless of their size or type. Ferreira et al. [1] argue that the company’s size does not determine the application of EMA technique but is determines by the type of industry. EMA practises entail the tracking, tracing, and treatment of costs, earnings, and savings incurred as a result of the company's environmental activities [2]. EMA is still relatively new in Malaysia, and managers and accountants lack knowledge in this area [3]. As a result, more empirical evidence on EMA practises is required, particularly in developing countries such as Malaysia. As a result, this study is critical in explaining the current practise of EMA in SMEs and its impact on environmental performance.  The results show that the physical EMA has a higher mean than the monetary EMA. The findings indicate that the level of EMA practises is not encouraging. According to the regression results, both types of EMA practises (monetary and physical) have a significant impact on environmental performance.

Impact of Gender and Mother Tongue on the Uses of Articles

K. Kiruthikadevi

Selected Topics in Humanities and Social Sciences Vol. 8, 5 November 2021, Page 82-86

The Indian English language teaching emphasizes the written rather spoken form. The present study, titled ‘Impact of Gender and Mother Tongue on the Uses of Articles,’ illustrates this. We investigated the perception of students in and around the Coimbatore district, who are post-graduate students of M.A English Literature from government-aided and private colleges. By using a researcher-constructed questionnaire, the ability of the sample to identify, produce and omit articles in selected forty contexts was analyzed. The results were analyzed through t tests, One – Way ANOVA, Correlation tests and Association tests.

Results:  Mother Tongue plays an important role in recognizing and producing the uses of the articles selected for this investigation. Gender has a major effect on the ability of women to recognize and develop the uses of the articles. From the result of this study, it proves the correlation between the understanding of usages and uses of the rules of grammar in the application.

In this paper, most prominent psychological characteristics of histrionic personalities, specifics of their behaviour and thinking in case of social normality are outlined. Histrionic personalities, like all other people, strive for others’ respect, for financial success and social recognition. The paper specifically focuses on histrionic personality with leadership qualities striving for power. Psychological defence mechanisms, excessive use of repression, typical motivations, self-esteem and aspirations of histrionic personalities are described as well as characteristics of their conscience, memory and behaviour in situations of intrapsychic and interpersonal conflicts. The author suggests the most reasonable ways of interaction with this type of accentuated personalities in psychotherapy and in everyday life.

Study on Exorcism in Mark’s Gospel: Implications of Jesus’ Perspective for Today

Olusola Igbari

Selected Topics in Humanities and Social Sciences Vol. 8, 5 November 2021, Page 94-102

Exorcism is a theological term which has engaged the minds of some New Testament Scholars in recent times at least in last three decades. It is a universal phenomenon. Research has discovered that some churches especially orthodox ones have not paid much cognizance to this aspect of Jesus’ ministry. This study is an attempt to investigate what exorcism is and how is this ministry being addressed by the contemporary church using St. Mark’s narratives as the framework. Humans daily demands for a paradigm shift by the church to also engage in deliverance ministry instead of the focus on “prosperity message.” The Church should be aware that prosperity message can not have desired effect until lives of humans enjoy maximal health that can make life worthy living. Jesus in St. Mark’s Gospel showed examples of how and what the Church of God should address on the presence of evil spirits or demonic forces in the world of evil that is ravaging the lives of many within God’s creation. This chapter tried to identify salient areas of concern in addressing the issue of exorcism especially in the 21st Century Church. The last hope of the common man is the church.  The reality of the existence of evil spirits and demonic forces which cannot be contended. If human person needs to achieve his destiny in life according to God’s purpose, then issues that can hinder the fulfilment of that destiny should be keenly addressed by individuals or the church to whom the gift of exorcism is deposited.

Recreation: A Panacea for Youths Restiveness in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria

Muhammad, Sanusi Abdul

Selected Topics in Humanities and Social Sciences Vol. 8, 5 November 2021, Page 103-110

The Niger Delta struggle is at the root of most of our national discomfort. Urgent steps should be taken in order to improve the standard of living of people of the Niger Delta region. If not they would continue to be restive and dependent on what they cannot get through illegal means. The initiative of the federal government to give the people a sense of belonging by setting up the Niger Delta Ministry is commendable, and it is hope that if the objective is faithfully implemented, and youths engage in recreation activities it will go a long way in curbing youth’s restiveness in the region. The communities believe the oil companies who engage in explorations on their land and water have paid negligible attention to their problems. This paper therefore, highlights oil mineral producing areas development commission, concept of recreation, rationale for recreational pursuits and importance of recreation in curbing youth’s restiveness. It concluded that youths spend their leisure in unwholesome activities, and recommended provision of recreation facilities, supervision of recreation facilities and equipment, and employment of recreation experts for effective management of the programmes and facilities among others.

Feminism and International Relations: A Socio-Economical Study

Enoch Amila Shehu, Bitrus Wash Solomon, Bashir Abdullahi, King Kekwop Musa

Selected Topics in Humanities and Social Sciences Vol. 8, 5 November 2021, Page 111-120

This chapter had examined ‘feminism in international relations’ motivated by findings out 1. What is the nature/characteristic of feminism's international relations paradigm? 2. What's new in feminist international relations?  3. Is feminism relevant to international relations research? 4. How may feminism in international relations be classified scientifically? Feminism in international relations arose from disciplinary dissatisfaction with mainstream international relations. They contributed gender and gender hierarchy analysis, as well as inclusive policy formulation and implementation. There are various perspectives on feminism and international relations, but they all centre on foreign policy and diplomacy, international political economy, war, security, and peace, and the international law dimension. Feminism in international relations emphasises the role of femininity in foreign policy formulation and implementation, women trafficking and drugs in international political economy, security from an individual rather than a state perspective, women's participation in the peacemaking process, and inclusion of gender and opportunities for women in international law. Feminism in international relations can be divided into two types: classical feminism and neo-feminism.

Da'wah Communication and Social Concern

Budi Suprapto, Datin Hasmah Zainuddin

Selected Topics in Humanities and Social Sciences Vol. 8, 5 November 2021, Page 121-132

History has recorded that Islamic da’wah implemented by the early generation of Muslims, is a monumental example from the transformation process of very impressive value. It reached social, political, economic, cultural areas and the systems of Muslim societies’ belief. Al-Ghazali in Ihya ‘Ulumu al-Din wrote, indeed ‘amar makruf nahi munkar’ is the most important milestone of the great religions, and become the basis for the coming of the prophet. The result of the analyses show that the message of da'wah is not always capable of fostering social concern behaviours. In other words, the contents of da’wah message should not be only textual but also must be contextual to the social, cultural, economic, and political realities developed in society. In this way, da’wah activity could give the answer on the problems that experienced by the society.

The present study aims at identifying the relationship between moral values and social acts in the light of Max Weber's theory of action in terms of some demographic variables (i.e., gender, place of residence, academic level, and academic specialization) of some college students. It is applied to sample consisting of 360 students at King Abdul Aziz University in Jeddah. The study tools included demographic data form and two criteria of measurements: moral values and social act. The statistical calculations are performed by the Arithmetic Mean, Standard Deviation, T-test and Pearson correlation. The results revealed that the correlation and congruence between moral values and social acts are much clearer in female sample than the male sample, and in the village residents than the civilian ones, and in the students of the college level (1-4) than the college level (5-8).