ISBN 978-93-5547-321-9 (Print)
ISBN 978-93-5547-343-1 (eBook)
DOI: 10.9734/bpi/mono/978-93-5547-321-9

The first English edition of this book was published in March 20th, 2015. Sadly, my mother and coauthor Christa Lehnert-Schroth did not witness the publication of the first edition of this book. On the 20th March, the day of publication, she suffered a fall and passed away two days later at the age of 90. In gratitude, my coauthors and I would like to dedicate this book to my mother who further developed the three-dimensional scoliosis treatment according to Katharina Schroth and made it accessible to an international audience of specialists.

After just two years, the release of the second edition has become necessary to capture the current state of scientific knowledge and to present the most recent developments in the area of non-surgical scoliosis treatment.

It has been almost 4 years since the 2nd edition of this book was published.

In the meantime, the carousel of science has continued to turn, also in the field of treatment of patients with spinal deformities.

The current indication guidelines have since been evaluated and adapted to the latest findings. Accordingly, the previous version of the guidelines has also been replaced in this book.

Chapter 6 (Physiotherapeutic findings) has also been completely revised and adapted to the current state of knowledge. All other chapters have been completely revised as well.

A new feature is the introduction of QR codes, which lead to videos and to current original papers. This makes this book a multi-media documentation of the subject. It simplifies access to the current basic literature and expands the illustration possibilities beyond simple pictorial representation. We therefore hope that this book will also facilitate entry into the Schroth Best Practice Academy training program.

The demand for the Schroth Best Practice® program has increased significantly worldwide in the last three years, even if the spread of this program in courses has stagnated somewhat in the last two years due to the Covid pandemic. However, our friends in China have meanwhile held a large number of courses in China again, while in the rest of the world further dissemination is now gaining momentum again in 2022.

At the same time, numerous centers have been established globally that offer the Schroth Best Practice® compatible Gensingen Brace® (GBW). This success is not just a source of joy, but also drives further development with the goal of discovering even more effective and less burdensome treatment approaches.

My sincere gratitude extends to the experienced specialists who have established these centers around the world for treating scoliosis patients with the Schroth Best Practice® Program and for supplying the Gensingen Brace®. They have done so with great commitment, personal initiative, and dedication.

In particular, I thank my remaining coauthors Marc and Kathryn Moramarco for their commitment to this book and for their constant support. I also thank my many patients for the trust they have shown me, as well as for the opportunities to learn from them and with them and to thereby develop the methods presented here.

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Schroth Therapy Advancements in Conservative Scoliosis Treatment (3rd Edition)

Hans-Rudolf Weiss , Christa Lehnert-Schroth, Marc Moramarco , Kathryn Moramarco

Schroth Therapy Advancements in Conservative Scoliosis Treatment (3rd Edition), 23 April 2022, Page 1-183

This book presents comprehensive and practice-oriented physiotherapy and brace treatment for scoliosis patients. The treatment examples are based on the differentiated

findings of the curvature patterns. Their approach follows - albeit in an expanded form - the basic ideas of the scoliosis therapy of Katharina Schroth, the pioneer in this field.

The third edition of the book has been thoroughly revised, taking into account the latest literature and the updated and now scientifically evaluated indication guidelines. The basic modules "physio-logic", “Activities of daily living, ADL", "3D made easy" and "Schroth" merge into an evidence-based overall concept, which can be used in a differentiated manner depending on the individual indication.

The specific exercises have been simplified without sacrificing effectiveness. In fact, when all the tips and tricks described here are taken into account, clinical overcorrections are even possible in the exercise, which were not even attempted in the past. The “Schroth Best Practice” program (SBP) allows effective rehabilitation including patient training within a few days. Thus, this book is also addressed to all those who attend the course program provided by the Schroth Best Practice Academy and want to start effective treatment of their scoliosis patients after just one week of the course.