This book covers key areas of Mathematical Research and Computer Science. The contributions by the authors include Bayes’ theorem, multiplication rule, probabilities, Integrodifferential equations, nonlinear evolution equation, nonlocal initial condition, fixed point theorem for a sum of operators, pseudoblocks, modules, endomorphism algebra, Marker set of a graph, M-set distance matrix, M-set distance Laplacian, characteristic polynomial, M-set distance eigenvalues, univalent functions, Bernardi operator, fractional derivative, linear operator, q-derivative, Measure of entropy, measure of cross-entropy, primal problem, dual problem, continuous variate distribution, concave function, convex function, discrete variate probability distribution, flow graph, matrix algebra, linear equations, cascade graph, graph order, path ordinal, path-set, quantum communications, neuronal networks models, multiple interferometry, primality testing, Riemann zeta function, factorization, platonic world, savant syndrome, distributed computer networks, information security, security analysis, Supercomputer, performance, benchmark, IBMPower8, HPC, Parallel Computing, cognitive radio, correct detection(hit), signal detection, degree of separability, Information technology, cloud computing. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of Mathematical Research and Computer Science.


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