This book covers key areas of mathematical research and computer science. The contributions by the authors include PIC microcontroller, GSM modem, mobile phone, transceiver, condense microphone, snapshot camera, relational database, information system, client-server, transaction pool, distributed databases, database integration, differential incremental equilibrium, twin primes, sets, prime gap, infinite classification, rough set, information security policies, information breach incidences, detour distance in graphs, centre of graphs, detour eccentricity of graphs, average detour eccentricity, self-centered graphs, digital watermark, discrete wavelet transform, HVS characteristics, environmental protection, Binary quadratic equation, diophantine equation, integral solutions, hyperbola, parabola and pell equation, diophantine triples, perfect square, centered square numbers, non-extendibility, polygonal numbers, the division algorithm, greatest integer function, divisibility, Stella octangular number and pronic number, BIG DATA, distributed system, DFS, commodity hardware, hadoop file system, Amazon Web Services, realistic models, head count ratio, poverty gap, Lorenz curve and Gini-concentration co-efficient, BCC-ideals, fuzzy left (right)-derivations, the Cartesian product of fuzzy derivations, open shift with own cloud, security comparisons. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of mathematical research and computer science.


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