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On March 11, 2020, the novel Corona virus disease (COVID-19), was described as a pandemic by World Health Organization (WHO). Globally, the COVID-19 has not only affected the public health socially but also has rigorously affected economically. As outbreak of this pandemic is not likely to wane in the nearby future, preventive actions are prerequisite to prevent infection spread, save people lives and also to save the economic affluence. In this review, based on the present knowledge and available literature, we have demonstrated the various aspects of post-COVID-19 effects over the social and clinical phases worldwide. Moreover, the evidence based data have been summarized regarding the scientific upgrades, social dynamics, stress and adapting in the pre- and post- COVID-19 situations.


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Persistent and Prolonged Post-covid Sequelae in the Pandemia Era

L. E. Weimer, G. Cattari, A. Binelli, E. Fanales Belasio, S. Piras, F. Sensi

Persistent and Prolonged Post-covid Sequelae in the Pandemia Era, 23 November 2021, Page 1-31

Whilst the entire world is battling the third wave of COVID-19, a substantial proportion of patients who have suffered from the condition in the past months are reporting symptoms that last for months after recovery, i. e., long-term COVID-19 symptoms.
SARS-CoV-2 is  now recognized as a multi-organ disease with a broad spectrum of manifestations. Similarly to post-acute viral syndromes described in survivors of other virulent coronavirus epidemics, there are increasing reports of persistent and prolonged effects after acute COVID-19. Now the Scientific International Community, has helped contribute to the recognition of post-acute COVID-19, a syndrome characterized by persistent symptoms and/or delayed or long-term complications beyond 4 weeks from the onset of symptoms We aimed to assess the current evidence on the long-term symptoms in COVID-19 patients and we did a systematic review of our experience with the patients and of the studies on long-term COVID-19 symptoms.