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DOI: 10.9734/bpi/mono/978-93-91215-68-2

The demand of project management practices is increasing as the needs of providing value-for-money projects emerged, especially under the current unimaginable amount of economic damages due to the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) affecting 219 countries and territories, including Malaysia. It is acknowledged by the project management practitioners worldwide that the challenges in managing projects, which are one-off, unique and dynamic in nature, are very much contributed by the classic iron triangle that incorporates time, cost and quality. These triple constraints detrimentally impact the deliverable of the projects under the absence of effective project management practices, leading to project delays, budget overruns and poor quality. Thus, this book aims at discussing the most common approaches of project integration management, project scope management, project cost management, project resources management and project communications management of various types of construction projects, namely mega infrastructure projects, residential construction projects and public construction projects in providing the insights and trends of successful project management practices in Malaysia. This book is expected to open the eyes on the efficient and effective application of project management knowledge, skills, tools and techniques among the construction players in the Malaysian construction industry landscape, which could be replicated for other regions and similar industries as the guidance in assisting the achievement of the successful delivery of projects in general.


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Key Success Factors Criteria for Sustainable Mega Infrastructure Projects in Malaysian Construction Industry towards Efficient Project Scope Management Practice

Nur Fatin Syazwani Abu Bakar, Syuhaida Ismail, Rohayah Che Amat

Project Management Practices: The Malaysian Insights and Trends, 6 May 2021, Page 13-19

This chapter deals with key success factors criteria for sustainable mega infrastructure projects in Malaysian construction industry towards efficient project scope management practice.