This book covers key areas of physical science research. The contributions by the authors include superionic conductor, molecular dynamics, ion distribution, electron, wave-particle duality, quantum, SM-field, low energy physics, quantization of space time, magnetic style perpendicular gravity field, anti-gravity, interaction of matter with dark matter, technological fields, integrated ultrasonic biosensors, respiratory failure, pathophysiology, biological tissue, Fisher Information, polymolecules, digital information, biological systems, ramifications, hierarchy, plasma model, non-equilibrium open system, projection operator, transport equation, entropy production, the second kind of fluctuation-dissipation theorem, diatomic molecules, classical chaos, quantum signature of classical chaos, Wigner distribution, Boltzmann-Shannon entropy, wave function, discreteness, time bifurcation, black hole, holographic principle, time quantum, macro-tunneling, bio-electromagnetic field, quantum interaction, metamaterial, microtubule, superluminal photon, quantum computation, super-radiant emission, bio-radiation, superstring theory, electromagnetism, random pointing errors, laser radar efficiency, scintillation index, Gaussian target, general relativity theory, gill’s electronic theory. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of physical science research.


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