It was with great pleasure that I accepted the invitation of Dr. Crisci to present this text on the regenerative therapy of lesions, inviting someone to present their own work is always one of the greatest acts of affection and esteem and therefore first of all my thanks for this honor.

It is a text that is characterized by ease of reading, completeness of presentation of the techniques of diagnosis and treatment, order in the different expositions. It is clear from the index that this is a text written by a clinician for clinicians.

There is no lack of evaluation of the latest techniques, research bases and new therapeutic concepts, some of which are still in the experimental phase all aimed at practical application, with the purpose of helping patients.

Initiatives such as this are among the best answers that, those working in the field, can provide.

A vademecum available for doctors, specialists and not; are given the tools to operate at 360 degrees on the problematic centered around the so-called regenerative therapy. The reading is simple but rich in content, combining well the high science with clinical practice, leads to simplify the work of those who approach as a new operator and offers insights to those who are familiar with the practice of this art.

Sharing one's knowledge, one's experience is, I believe, one of the most meritorious of the most meritorious works that can be done. I wish the readers a fruitful reading and the Authors the right and deserved success.


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