This book covers key areas of  Economics, Business and Management. The contributions by the authors include social event, business model, circular economy, industry hack, smart solution, gamification, ECOWAS treaty, food trade, openness index, trade index, social protection, economics, economic disruptions and agricultural inefficiency, expanded public works programme, macroeconomic variables, stock markets development, panel data analysis, globalization,  advanced economies, diversification, product diversification, geographic diversification, capital markets, information asymmetry, balanced scorecard, applied strategic analysis, comparative assessment, variance diagnostic, Corporate social responsibility, physical and natural capital assist, livelihood strategies, fangoa cluster communities, corruption perception index, investment policy, world economy, global investment, shadow economy, growth drivers, retail industry, emerging trends and amalgamation of firms, consumer behavior. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of  Economics, Business and Management.


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