This book covers key areas of health research. The contributions by the authors include public health challenge, COVID19, professional action, global pandemic, human relationship social work, rural medical practitioner, risk factors, lifestyle, social pathology, health promotional, health care services, non-communicable Diseases, knowledge Attitude Practice, oral microbiota, dental caries, probiotics, nicotine dependence, nicotine withdrawal syndromes, smoking cessation, nicotine metabolism, nicotine genes metabolizer, nicotine dependence treatment, personalized medicine, nicotine genes candidates, CYP2A6 genetics variants, therapy, gene-gene interactions, slow and faster nicotine metabolizers, healthcare facility, cytokines, immunotherapy, immune response, microbiome, toll-like receptor, vaccine immunity, core-needle biopsy, diagnostic accuracy, fine-needle aspiration biopsy, lung lesion, oral health, periodontitis, nutrients, systemic interactions, mid-arm circumference, school children, socio-economic status, triceps skin-fold thickness, pancytopenia, hypersplenism, malaria, alcohol liver disease, geographic location, health professions education, medical laboratory science, portfolio assessment, clinical trials. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of health research.


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