Participatory forest management has been globally studied and it has been argued that clearly defined boundaries for access of the community forest resources will lead to sustainable use of resources and enhanced sustainable livelihoods to the communities dependent on the forests for their survival. In contrast, however current studies indicate that while there are efforts to define spatial boundaries of resource use and the resource users within the community based forest management approaches, the definition of boundaries of resource use and resources users has proved more difficult, for instance when gathering relevant information and tools that can promote forest resource users partnerships,  engaging of different stakeholders, assisting local communities to organize, preparing for negotiations meetings, procedures, rules, logistics and equity considerations, negotiating for  the establishment of agreements and empowering  of the local communities. This book therefore provides a process that would guide the establishment of partnerships when establishing forest resources and resource users’ boundaries in order to enhance sustainable use of forest resources, mitigate conflicts and improve the livelihoods of communities depended on forests for their survival. Qualitative research design was employed in the book. All the forests involved in participatory forest management in Kenya namely: Keraite; Nyamweru, Arabuko-Sokoke Forest, Kakamega, Loita, and upper Imenti were selected for to provide information for writing the book.


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