Harnessing of terra watts of energy in fusion process has gained utmost importance in today’s scientific community. Various efforts to understand the nature of plasma, interaction in it, its containment and design of equipment and machinery which can successfully accomplish this objective in reality is an area of high focus of research. Materials which are used in making different parts of reactor such as first wall, breeder, limiter, diverter, back plate also constitute an important segment of research. A lot understanding is still required about how to make, join, integrate, assemble and operate them in such a way a successful controlled fusion may be achieved. This symposium is aimed to address this gap. Studies fundamentally addressing structure of material and how it plays a part in controlling its properties when exposed to high heat, heat flux and temperature of plasma in a fusion reactor are presented. Aim is to develop a material which will not only be optimal but economical and successfully address all materials degradation problems when it’s exposed to fusion conditions. With these scientific studies, from the platform of Eastern Engineering Solutions Inc, we remain.


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