This book covers key areas of agricultural sciences. The contributions by the authors include  crop residues, isotopic dilution, nutrient uptake, nitrobenzene concentrations, flowering, fruit setting, polytunnel, greenhouse effect, organic greenhouse cucumber, weighted goal programming, medicinal plants, caffeine, phenolics, flavonoids, antioxidant activity, fruit pericarp thickness, light colour spectrum, phytochemical properties, seedling growth, agricultural diversification, legumes, forage crops, grain crops, dolichos bean, hyacinth bean, sprouting, vegetative propagation, emergence speed, yield loss, estimation, sugarcane, smut, sucrose content, intercropping system, fertilization, land reform, sustainability, models and livelihoods, extension support, guava cultures, remote sensing, plague detection, eco-composite boards, boards properties, scanning electron microscope, thermogravimetric analysis, geostatistics, soil chemical and physical properties, soil management, soil fertility, laminated panels, lay-up veneer structure, densification. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of agricultural sciences.


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