This book covers key areas of environment and earth science. The contributions by the authors include methane gas hydrate, phase equilibrium, hydrate formation, hydrate reservoir, inhibitors, promoters, sustainability, resilience, circular economy, product philanthropy, corporate social responsibility, pollution,  heavy metal accumulation, atomic absorption spectrometry, bioaccumulation, marine fishes, coastal water pollution, climate change, atmospheric SO2, volcanic effects, effluent, phytoremediation, antecedent rainfall, unsaturated Slope, pore-water pressure, soil properties, forest cover, canopy losses, urbanization, national forest policy, urbanization, radius and age of the universe, high redshift galaxies, shape of the Earth, surface gravity of the Earth, tilt, precession and nutation of the rotation axis of the Earth, Earth’s orbital motion, topography of the Earth, general relativity, Euclidean geometry, coastal lagoon, diversity, dominance, zoogeographic affinity, Simpson’s index, Shannon-Weaver index, microbial water quality, faecal contamination, basin rainfall Suquia, time series, series of rainfall, ARMA model, weighted arithmetic index, water quality index. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of environment and earth science.


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