This book covers key areas of environment and earth science. The contributions by the authors include electron radiation belt, secular geomagnetic variation, mid-latitude aurora, tree line shift, climate change, regeneration modes, coefficient of linear extensibility, potential of linear extensibility, geometric factor, isotropy, lithospheric plates, plate tectonics, carbon cycle, biodiversity, extinction, photosynthesis, photorespiration, ecological compensation point, aerobic and anaerobic conditions, orogenic period, geo synclynal period, heavy metals, blue swimming crab, shrimp biodiversity,  autoclaving, sprouting, thermal energy, earth’s expansion, mantle, pseudo-fluid geosphere, inner core, reverse gravity, remote sensing, floodplain, deposited sediment, bioremediation, contaminated soils, bacterial species, petroleum products, exhaust emissions, health hazards, LHR engine, fuel performance, exhaust emissions. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of environment and earth sciences.


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