This book covers key areas of environment and earth science. The contributions by the authors include carbon capture and storage, human controlled wetland, venetian lagoon, fish ponds, carbon sink, lagoon environment, environmental floor, structural feasibility, carbon offset, pearl farming, French Polynesia, oyster culture, husk charcoal, grape peels charcoal, saponified biomass polymer, metal injected wood, organic loading rate, volatile fatty acid, hydraulic retention time, biofilm, biogas, hydraulic retention time, microorganisms, anaerobic biofilm reactor, GNSS accuracy, multipath, tree canopy, granular class, bearing strength, Optimum Modified Proctor, gravel lateritic soils, pavement, gully development mapping, geospatial technology, pollution sources, Heart rate, arterial blood pressure, histogram, spectrum, radiopharmaceuticals, radioisotope. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of environment and earth science.


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