ISBN 978-93-5547-140-6 (Print)
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DOI: 10.9734/bpi/mono/978-93-5547-140-6

The thought of this book originated from the academic experience that I have for teaching many subjects about nuclear physics in many universities in Iraq in departments of physics, biology, and medicine over several years. This book is intended for the student of undergraduate, master, and doctorate that study nuclear physics, radiation, and others. I have not tried to be rigorous or present proofs of all statements in the text. Rather, I have taken the physical view that it is more important that students see an overview of the subject which for many "possibly the majority" will be the only time they study nuclear radiation. In fact, more than just a slight contact is required in order to appreciate many of the subtleties I have infused into the book. I hope that this effort will be of benefit to our students.

Perfection is not attainable. It is an attribute of the Almighty God. Therefore, I apologize for any drawbacks in the book.

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Basics of Nuclear Radiation

Ali Abid Abojassim, Rusul Hadi Hashim, Najlaa Saleh Mahdi

Basics of Nuclear Radiation, 5 October 2021, Page 1-86

This book has fourteen chapters, the first chapter deal with the history of nuclear radiation, the second and third chapters deal with sources and types of nuclear radiation. Chapter four explained the X-ray in more detail.  Radiation quantity, radiation interaction with mater, and radioisotopes were written in chapters five, six, and seven, respectively. Chapters eight and nine study the use and hazard of nuclear radiation on humans. Chapter ten was studying nuclear detectors according to types and it works. The subject of the protection of nuclear radiation was explained in chapter eleven. Chapters twelve and thirteen have the important pollution source in the background depleted Uranium and radon gas. Finally, nuclear and radiation accidents were written and put many pictures for the importance of radiation accidents that happen in the world.