“A Concise Clinicopathological Hand Book of Diabetes Mellitus” book is a short, narrative book which specifically discusses selected areas on Diabetes. It focuses on the basic pathogenesis and pathophysiology of diabetes, its complications and also the management. The book contains elaborate diagrams and flowcharts for easy understanding of the subject.  This book will definitely be of immense benefit for readers.

The authors of the chapters are established teachers, researchers in their respective fields and have good experience. The authors have left no stones unturned in their sincere effort to come out with this rational product. I congratulate the authors and best of luck for the readers.


1. Professional review, editing and plagiarism checking.
2. Professional cover-page design and typesetting.
3. Specialized English editing and proofreading
4. Digital Object Identifier (DOI) allotment.
5. ISBN number (online and print version)
6. Online publication of the book and printing in the press.
7. Royalty: (80:20) profit sharing between author and publisher from the sale of books. Authors will get 80% of the profit and Publisher will get 20% of the profit.
8. Normally Books will be closed access to increase the possibility of sale and authors will retain the copyright of the book chapter/ books. Special requests of open access books can also be considered in case of complete book publication.

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