First and foremost, we would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation to all related parties for making possible the publication of this book titled “An Action Research of Retaining Sales Personnel in a Financial Institution”. This book consists of seven chapters explaining the flow and cycles of action research. The main focus of this book is to introduce effective interventions to reduce the turnover rate of sales personnel in a financial institution. The first chapter of this book explains the background of the study, the problematic situation that leads to this study, research questions, research objectives and significance of this research. The second chapter discusses the industry background, issues and factors that influence the turnover rate in a financial institution. The identified factors are based on Herzberg’s theory and interventions are proposed to retain sales personnel in the financial institution. The third chapter explains the research methodology that covers research design, research method, population, sampling, research instruments, data collection and data analysis method. The fourth chapter analyzes the quantitative data by using SPSS and qualitative data via NVivo. Analysis results and findings of this research were discussed and the effectiveness of the interventions was evaluated. The fifth chapter presents a reflection of action research cycle one. Each process of the action research namely entrance, diagnosis, action planning, intervention implementation, evaluation and reflection was evaluated and an overall reflection of the action research cycle one was produced before moving on to action research cycle two. The sixth chapter touches on the reporting of action research cycle two findings and the attainment of the research objectives. Paired t-test analysis was used to determine the significant differences in the data collected for pre-intervention and post-intervention. Reflection on action research processes was conducted to gauge the effectiveness of each process. The final chapter of this book puts forward the research implications for practice and its contributions to the theory. It also explains the limitations of this research and suggests ways to improve future research. This book concludes that action research is an effective way of approaching a problem and making progress towards a change in organizations.


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