World is moving quite fast and new discoveries and developments are taking place year by year. 21st Century is high technology embedded century where new technologies transformed the life style of mankind and causes paradigm shift. Digitalization and online databases simplified the human life drastically, but each technology has its own pros and cons. Now a days a lot of time is spent by humans on internet. This results in variety of health issues viz; low back pain, ocular diseases, aging, obesity and others. Moreover, in 2019, Corona Virus Infectious Disease pandemic (COVID-19) created horrible situation all over the world and still the developing countries are facing challenges by second and third wave of this highly contagious viral strain. COVID-19 is the latest biggest threat and eye opener for mankind. In this pandemic, now people realize the health benefits of natural products/traditional medicines and each individual is enquiring about these products to cope up, recover and save themselves. The ginseng as natural product/traditional medicine possesses multifunctional properties viz; immuno-booster, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, anti-oxidative and can play major role in variety of disorders/illnesses. Therefore, the present book gives insight to researchers/post graduate students/undergraduate students/academicians on multifunctional properties of ginseng with schematic depiction of diagrams, which can act as trigger for future research. Although this is a precise book and is not very descriptive, so readers must keep this point in mind.


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