This book covers key areas of Engineering Research. The contributions by the authors include 3D coordinates, 3D rotation, Helmert transformation problem, Euler angles, quaternions, dual-quaternions, Blast load, non-linear dynamic analysis, blast resistant structure, SRAM, defibrillator, subthreshold,  POD wear test, ANOVA, wear loss and COF, Buck-boost, cascaded H-bridge inverter, multicarrier pulse width modulation, total harmonic distortion, z-source network, telecommunication, Backpropagation, three-dimensional (3D) face recognition, kinect Xbox camera system, smart electronics, Root Mean Square , Power Quality , deep learning, s-transform, PQ disturbances, Passive solar still, economic evaluation, solar desalination, distilled water, renewable energy, sustainable energy, cost analysis, world-wide web, Modelling-to-generate-alternatives, simulation-optimization, waste management planning, population-based algorithms,   Gas turbine, power boosting, air cooling, mechanical refrigeration, Adafruit humidity sensor DHT22, advanced Bosch barometric pressure sensor BMP180, padé approximation, process gain constant, and  two point method of approximation. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of Engineering Research.


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