This book covers key areas of Humanities and Social Sciences. The contributions by the authors include HIV, AIDS, Caribbean women, Carnival, Children's pattern in using social networks, children's motivations for using social networks, positive and negative impacts in using social networks,  Verbal assaults, humiliation, spousal violence, emotional violence, help seeking behaviour, English teachers’ leadership styles, students’ academic press/emphasis, Principles of law, structuring, systematization, legal system, system of law, international regional law, global regionalization, regional integration, military-political spaces, economic cooperation, social spaces, European law, Eurasian law, regional law in Asia and Oceania, African law, American law, Natural law, positivist law, hard cases, Socio-emotional development, school environment,  Alcoholisim,  psychodynamics, religious liberty, freedom of speech, expressive freedom, Classroom interactions, construction of socio-cultural identity, critical discourse analysis, Fairclough's  theory,  Supervision, Higher Education Environment, mentorship, compatibilities and incompatibilities, Emotional intelligence, self-regulation and early years, Belief Folk Tourism, “Nianli”, Western Guangdong, development of recourses,  Academic performance, father’s education, mother’s education, child’s academic ambition, child’s effort,   poverty, gender, socialization, volunteer, youth,  Employee turnover, employee retention, resignation, human resource, and job satisfaction level. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences.


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