This book covers key areas of humanities and social sciences. The contributions by the authors include interpretive arc, Philosophical hermeneutics, Translational hermeneutics, activity theory, reflective practice, teacher education, synergistic and contradictory factors, entrepreneurship, unemployment, unanticipated medical retirement, reintegration, veterans, Systematic Review, Transition, Reintegration, Unanticipated Medical Retirement, human resource, state-owned enterprise, labor turnover, policy review, bio-gerontology, replicative senescence, epigenetic theory, parabiosis, program theories, damage theories, mobile phone, technology, interpersonal communication, Niall Ferguson, Henry Kissinger, Charles Degaulle, Hans Morgenthau, Vietnam war, john Kenneth Galbraith, Kantian idealism, Robert Stewart Castlereagh, Otto von Bismarck, credibility and international politics, University enrollment, eliminating tuition fees, redistributive analysis, redistributive analysis, authoring tools, use of authoring tools, teaching, learning, parental alcohol use, personality traits, organs of speech, communication, pedagogy, articulation. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of humanities and social sciences.


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