Dr. Alina Georgeta Mag
Department of Teacher Training, Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, “Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu, Romania.

ISBN 978-93-91312-56-5 (Print)
ISBN 978-93-91312-64-0 (eBook)
DOI: 10.9734/bpi/sthss/v4

This book covers key areas of humanities and social science. The contributions by the authors include educational leadership, internationalization status, faculty research capability, top management leadership skills, descriptive, correlation, multi-regression analysis, proliferation, regional agreements, STEM education, school restructuring, district magnet, curriculum reform, assistive technology, mathematical analysis tools, linguistic context, physical context, teaching and learning strategies, preventive mental health work, parental involvement, early childhood education, learning outcomes, hindrances, female principals, male principals, convergence views, divergence views, cultural organization, migration, internal migrants, labour migration, citizens science, globalization, transnational organizations, democracy, cultural systems, slavery, trauma, sexual exploitation. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of humanities and social sciences.


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The study endeavored to explore the institutional internationalization efforts through the top management leadership skills and faculty research capability among the State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) in Region XI. It aimed to know the status of the leadership skills of the SUCs heads and the faculty research capability of the institution as assessed by the participants, it also delved to know the extent of the institutional internationalization efforts of the SUCs as assessed by the faculty, and determined how leadership skills and faculty research capability significantly predict the institutional internationalization efforts of the SUCs in Region XI. This research is made use of survey questionnaires administered to 400 professional participants. The method used was descriptive, correlational, and multi-regression analysis as it delved to test the theory of leadership skills among the State Universities and Colleges’ heads, faculty research capability, and their relationship to institutional internationalization efforts. Findings had shown that top management leadership skills and research capability of faculty had influenced the institutional internationalization efforts among SUCs in Region XI.

The purpose of this study is to review Multi-lateral Instruments and Agreements targeted at combating small arms and light weapons proliferation in Sub-Saharan Africa. Armed conflicts and the illegal spread of small arms and light weapons are posing a serious danger to most African countries' peace and security. These numbers are far too large to be ignored. Due to the extreme ready availability of weaponry, conflicts in Sub-Saharan Africa have grown far too common. Arms trade has developed into a well-established and profitable business. It, like other sectors, is becoming more worldwide. Regional agreements and measures have been made over the last decade to curb the proliferation of small arms and light weapons in Sub-Saharan Africa. The lack of comprehensive national legislation on SALW, along with the lack of political will of most leaders in Sub-Saharan African countries, has harmed the efficiency and implementation of these instruments governing the management of SALW, according to this article. Regional tools, on the other hand, have aided global norm-building in the best circumstances by establishing institutional frameworks that lead to regional coordination of small arms action.

Curriculum Shift: STEM Initiatives for Innovative Teaching and Learning

Kimberly Barcelona

Selected Topics in Humanities and Social Sciences Vol. 4, 4 August 2021, Page 26-33

We live in a global civilization that is always changing. Schools must continue to evolve in order to assist students in analysing circumstances, solving problems, and making well-informed decisions. Education's fundamental goal and purpose, as well as the difficulty of the learning job, have changed dramatically.  In order to meet the economic needs of our global workforce, schools must provide pupils with more than just simple data memorization. Students must be able to comprehend a variety of factors and process data in an efficient and productive manner. The Innovative London Public School District in Connecticut embraced new ways of thinking about the structure of its schools in order to suit the demands of 21st century learners. The purpose of this paper is to discuss how the New London Public School system has changed traditional views of school structure and the process required to achieve innovative teaching institutions.  

When compared to the other examinable courses, students with visual impairments (VI) in Kenyan primary schools do badly in Mathematics. In this regard, the purpose of this study was to determine the characteristics that influence the usage of Assistive Technology (AT) at teaching Mathematics to learners with VI in Kenya's special primary schools for the blind.The study used a descriptive research approach to recruit 76 VI students of class seven and eight, as well as 10 Mathematics teachers from five special primary schools. The 10 teachers were chosen using purposeful sampling, while the 20 VI students were chosen using simple random sampling.Data was collected using interview instructions and an observation checklist. Inadequate time for syllabus coverage, expensive cost of AT devices, inadequate teacher training in the usage of AT devices, restrictive curriculum, and negative attitudes of learners were identified as important variables impacting AT device utilisation in the study.According to the study, the government should invest more funds for assistive technology equipment and undertake regular classroom supervision to ensure efficient use of AT devices.

The Noli Me Tangere Novel: An Instructional Model for Teaching

Joel Q. Mabalhin

Selected Topics in Humanities and Social Sciences Vol. 4, 4 August 2021, Page 44-52

This study covers the analysis of selected utterances from selected 25 chapters of Noli Me Tangere novel of Dr. Jose P. Rizal through semantic and pragmatic views. The researcher analyzed the whole book and look for the difficult utterances in every chapter. It should pass through three stages. First is focusing on the analysis of the utterances based on linguistic-semantic interpretation. Second is through pragmatic, which actually based on two important contexts; the linguistic and physical contexts. And the third stage is to identify the relationship of the interpretation between semantic and pragmatic views. Validators were given copies of the analysis to double-check and recommend some modifications of the interpretation. After which, the researcher, make an instructional model for reading using the different strategies in teaching.

The 7x4-field is a tool for analysing and describing mental disorders, illnesses, anomalies, and malaise, as well as general human suffering. It was created utilising a combination of actual mental health work and extensive interviews, as well as factor analysis.It can also be used to deal with a variety of distress and mental health issues. It allows for a more comprehensive perspective of these processes than is possible with still pictures. This article investigates the observation that many renowned works of art explain the same aspects that are provided in 7x4-field's different squares, as well as how to apply the findings to education, culture, and other fields.

This chapter is based on a study that was conducted in public Early Childhood centres in Nairobi City County, Kenya, that aimed at investigating the influence of parental involvement in pupils’ learning programmes on children’s learning outcomes. The problem that made the study necessary was that, a number of parents do not seem to understand that their involvement in the education of their children at the early childhood level is significant. Furthermore, teachers do complain of lack of parental support in the learning of their children at the early childhood centres. The objectives of the study included an assessment on the extent to which parents were involved in pupils’ learning programmes and the influence of parental involvement in children’s learning programmes on learning outcomes. The study was a descriptive survey targeting the 21 public stand-alone early childhood education centres, 2243 children aged 3-5 years, 21 head teachers and all teachers at the learning centres. Data was collected by use of structured interview schedules for head teachers, closed questionnaires for teachers, and document analysis guide to process pupils’ learning outcomes (performance). After the analysis of the quantitative and qualitative data, the conclusion was that, whenever parents were involved in the learning programmes of their children, learning outcomes were higher. Based on the conclusion, the study suggested that, it would be necessary for various governments and education stakeholders to develop a framework for engaging parents more significantly in the learning programmes of their children at the early childhood centres. There is also need to enhance the head teachers’ management skills to improve their planning capabilities.  

This chapter presents findings based on views of male and female principals in relationship to barriers or hindrances that contribute to the current situation of underrepresentation of women in secondary schools leadership, management and administration positions. The study was conducted in a county in Kenya and employed a quantitative survey approach involving 22 male and 18 female principals who were purposively selected from forty secondary schools.  Questionnaires were used to collect data. The resulting data was analysed using the SPSS (Software package for social science). The study findings indicate existence of convergence and divergence views among male and female principals, regarding factors that hinder women teachers from ascending to secondary school principalship, among the schools that took part in the study. The study concludes that barriers or hindrances to women advancement into educational leadership were differentially perceived between female and male secondary principals. One recommendation is that a large scale study was necessary in order to develop a full understanding of both male and female principals perceptions regarding factors that hindered women from advancing to leadership positions in secondary schools in Kenya.

Organizations develop many constructive conflict resolution mechanism strategies at various levels of the organization. The concepts of peace and conflict are inextricably related and exist side by side in accordance with the prevailing circumstances. Peace and conflicts have never prevailed at the same moment. Peace exists when there is no conflict while conflict also exists when peace is absent. Peace and conflict as a concept has been the bedrock of peace studies since its emergence as an academic discipline at local, national and international levels. Therefore better understanding of the concept of peace and conflict will further widen the horizon of students who want to embark on studies related to the concepts.

A Qualitative Study on Migrant Labourers in Idukki District, Kerala

Jijo James Indiparambil

Selected Topics in Humanities and Social Sciences Vol. 4, 4 August 2021, Page 94-112

Migration is viewed as an important livelihood strategy for poor groups across the world. It cannot be reduced to merely an immediate response to challenges and issues in a given situation of the country or place of origin. Migrant labourers have become a significant economic force in India. The Kerala State in India witnesses a large influx of migrant workers from different parts of the country, especially from West Bengal, Tripura, Assam, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. The outmigration from Kerala to abroad due to the higher education opportunities and qualifications and the scarcity of unskilled/semiskilled workers within the State as well as the higher employment opportunities with fair salary and life situations and non-discriminatory attitudinal and behavioural pattern of its people amplify this internal relocation to Kerala. The main objective of this study is to examine the present and future implications of large scale interstate migration in rural areas. This study on inter-state migration in Kerala sheds light on the various issues concerning migration, mobility, and sustenance, based on a sample survey of 140 households in Idukki District as well as on literature reviews. It examines the diaspora situation, i.e., migration dynamics from multiple perspectives including demographic, economic and socio-political aspects. It is a qualitative analytical study on inter-state diaspora in Kerala.

The relationship between science and power has been researched for ages, and it is obvious to ask why science is a power and who has scientific authority. The paper discusses the current phenomena of citizen science and places it within the larger phenomenon of globalisation, which includes both cultural and political globalisation.  Using real-life examples, it is demonstrated that this phenomena has resulted in the formation of the International Community of Citizen Scientists. This is a new form of power that is international and truly democratic. The paper concludes with an example of how a community might increase democracy inside a cultural framework where democracy is inadequate.  

Study on the Trauma of Slave Women in Humus

Derrick Adjei Kankam

Selected Topics in Humanities and Social Sciences Vol. 4, 4 August 2021, Page 122-127

The story of slavery is always told from the masculine perspective neglecting the suffering of women who were also taken into captivity and forced into labor. Many people who talk about this horrific story speak of the suffering of men taken against their will at the expense of that of women. For this reason, Fabienne Kanor, a Martinican writer chose to tell the story of African slave women of different origins and the different forms of abuses and sufferings they suffered during their crossing of the Atlantic Ocean to other parts of the world to work as slaves. This study discusses their suffering by exposing their collective and individual traumas of sexual exploitation and the trauma of displacement which is linked to their loss of identity and meaning.