With more than three decades of experience as a teacher of Microbiology, I realized that the less explored and challenging areas of research draws my attention more quickly than any other aspect of this subject. Thus, was born my passion for research and I decided to undertake this challenge as part of my doctoral program. I was keen on designing experiments to resolve current issues in the field of Microbiology and hence chose the topic on ‘Biosurfactants’. Biosurfactants are very versatile molecules having immense applications in several industrial areas. Moreover, it is the answer to the possibility of sustainable approach of bio-materials for industrial applications. Studying and analyzing the superior properties of biosurfactant as compared to its chemical counterpart is truly overwhelming. The resulting satisfaction through work experience, knowledge, critical analysis and logistic planning enriched the researcher within me.  

The negative environmental impacts caused by chemical surfactants, their toxicity and non-biodegradability are the reason for the increasing demand for biosurfactants. The contents of this book will walk you through the challenges, most recent updates, screening and optimization methods for production of biosurfactants. Although, every new biosurfactant shares some common properties with the existing ones, there is always a unique side to explore in terms of its properties or characteristics. Learning these differences was what made my experience truly worth all the time and effort that was put in this research. I really hope you have an enriching experience from my literary contribution and it motivates you to do more interesting and challenging research.


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