This book covers key areas of Physical Science. The contributions by the authors include energy, entropy, laws of thermodynamics, heterogeneous flow, proton exchange membrane fuel cell, membrane, pressure difference, adaptive control, intelligent optimizing algorithm, electro negativity, bulk modulus, ternary chalcopyrite structure, principal quantum number, Background and electron liquid, charge density, exponential potential, energy spectrum, outer boundary, magnetic field, photoelectric effect, harmonic analysis, harmonic phasor estimation, Multiple-resonator-based filter, discrete Fourier transform, Finite-impulse-response filter, Group delay, total vector gradient, recursive algorithm, minimax design, Quantum dots, optical limiting, photo dynamics, auger processes, Interplanetary magnetic fields, solar cycle 24, disrupt radio communications, magnetic reconnection, raw materials drugs, Piezo force microscopy, general - cosmological parameters theory, oxicity, emission, nano-materials and Solar cells, reactive oxygen species, glass transition temperature, oxygen packing density, cut-off wavelength, optical band gap, micro-electro mechanical system, parametric excitation, mathematical model. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of Physical Science.


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