This book covers key areas of chemical and material sciences. The contributions by the authors include green supply chain, literature review, holistic framework, sustainability, sustainable development, sustainable supply chain, molecular interaction, Flory's theory, pseudocumene, perovskite solar cell, antisolvent, micro-rods, power conversion efficiency, density functional theory, ab-initio calculations, ti-based compounds, heat of formation, retained austenite, tempering, secondary peak hardness, high chromium cast iron, Pd nanocomposite, health hazards, toxic gases, fiber-reinforced interfacial layer, fibrous composites, Eshelby self-consistent method, micromechanics, optical properties, surface modification, CVD Diamond/Si film, Ion implantation, magnetoresistance, anaerobic co-digestion, biogas, fruit and vegetable waste, municipal sewage sludge, co-digestion substrates, buffering capacity, municipal sewage sludge vegetable waste.This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of chemical and material sciences.


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