This book covers key areas of chemical and material sciences. The contributions by the authors include chlorpheniramine, intermolecular interaction, Gibbs free energy, Redlich Kister polynomials, rubber component, finite element analysis, acceleration test, biomaterial, hydroxyapatite, sea waste, wet precipitation, oyster shell, antimicrobial activity, fly ash, geopolymer process, alkali chemical activator & atmospheric curing, coefficient of variation, quality of finish, roughness, strength, paint application method, fuzzy sets theory, fuzzy logic, forecast models, fuzzy linear regression, multi objective programming, vibroacoustic analysis, marine engine, natural gas, pizoelectric accelerometers, polyaniline, metal oxides, morphology, chemical oxidation, fish tissues, heavy metal bioaccumulation, wastewater, antibacterial activities, medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry, PVK based electrolyte, ion-electron conductor, polymer composite electrolyte, nanophosphor, microscopy, Raman spectra, luminescence, osmotic coefficients, activity of water, linear rule, thermodynamic model, dimensionless-thermodynamic potential, probability-distribution function, information entropy, electrolyte solution, conductivity, solubility, compressive strength, Kenaf fiber, diffusion, effective energy barrier, molecular dynamics. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of chemical and material sciences.


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