This book covers key areas of chemical and material science research. The contributions by the authors include sputtering, Al doped ZnO, Electrodeposition, Cu2O, Heterojunction solar cell, duplex stainless steel, stress corrosion cracking, electrochemical corrosion, chocolate extrusion, screw extruder design, co-rotate twin screw extrusion, software system, information element, individuality of solution, coherence of information elements, cognitive-context environment, mathematical model, dynamic stability, light sport aircraft, perturbed dynamic system, trim condition, graphene oxide, go thin films, contact angle, adhesion force, surface roughness, electrical resistivity, nanotechnology, chloropyrifos, congored, spectrophotometer, fiberglass reinforced polymer composite material, fiber boat, technological innovation, equation of state, nanomaterials, volume thermal expansion, spark-plasma sintering, powder materials, microhardness, single-excited molecular orbital, density functional theory, electron-hole interaction, failure capacity, fracture toughness, fracture process zone, bridging effect, modal fabric, formic acid, absorbency, colour fastness. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of chemical and material sciences.


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