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DOI: 10.9734/bpi/rtass/v1


This book covers key areas of Arts and Social Studies. The contributions by the authors include strategic energy resources, tool of political, energy pressure, gender minorities, teacher-student rapport, social behavior, educational right protection, rudeness, expectation, supererogation, offence, complicity, contemporary music, civility of staff, ethical experiences, moral sensitivity, nursing ethics, EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement, Vietnam's labour law, comfort living environment, ecological comfort, social comfort, zoning of industrial cities, poisoning, demographic profile, social media, social impact theory, internet marketing, construction industry, professional conflicts, disputes, post-training evaluation, and reform leadership academy training.  This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of Arts and Social Studies.


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Strategic Energy Resources – Tool of Political and Energy Pressure

Daniel N. Fita, Sorina D. Stanila, Dragos Pasculescu, Teodora Lazar, Florin G. Popescu, Florin Grecu-Muresan

Recent Trends in Arts and Social Studies Vol. 1, 26 April 2023, Page 1-15

The aim of the paper is to demonstrate theoretically and practically that energy in all its forms (resources, coal, oil, natural gas, uranium or electricity) can be a reason for cooperation but also for confrontation with connotations often military, generating wars that seriously damage all social environments and thus global welfare. The authors propose to suggest some actions that can generate stability and energy well-being, factors that cause world peace.

At present, the geostrategic, geopolitical and geomilitary positioning of a state, regardless of its membership and role in various economic-military unions or blocs, is no longer based solely on its military power, but rather on its energy, economic, information and especially technological domination. The emergence and increasing development of energy disputes and conflicts with possible military escalation and the strong desire of the major world economic powers (USA, Russia, EU, China, India, etc.) to have control and world power, makes energy resources (coal, oil and natural gas) to be used by their holders as a tool of political pressure for profit and blackmail. Lack of energy energy resources can cause energy instability that automatically leads to national insecurity and with possible European or global repercussions, by the fact that all sectors of an economy depend on energy resources, which generate energy security and welfare for that state.

Handcuffs to Education of Gender Minorities: The Impact of Educational Barriers on Labor Supply of the Transgender Community in Sri Lanka

W. M. P. M. Wijayawardhana, J. W. D. Chaminda, D. R. J. Siriwardhane

Recent Trends in Arts and Social Studies Vol. 1, 26 April 2023, Page 16-30

This research study is to fill a research gap\ through an in-depth- qualitative study which explore causes for transgender under-education in Sri Lanka at the initial phase and investigate the impact of those causes on labor force engagements at the later stage. This is a qualitative study which use snowball sampling technique to select a working-age transgender sample of 25 participants. In-Depth Interview method was used as the dominant data collection method along with observations, field notes and web/digital contents. Early-age school leaving, Academic career delays due to gender transition process, School culture of aggression, Unsheltered homelessness of transgender children, Social isolation, Educational personality loss, and the problem of access to tertiary education are recognized as the key causes for under-education observed among transgender community in Sri Lanka. Moreover, this study identified the impacts of under-education on Sri Lanka’s transgender labor supply too.

Rude Actions: An Ethical Analysis

Gregory Mellema

Recent Trends in Arts and Social Studies Vol. 1, 26 April 2023, Page 31-40

In this essay I analyze rude actions from the vantage point of morality. I propose to point out how rudeness relates to other moral concepts such as moral expectation, supererogation, offence, moral vice, and complicity, in the hopes of deepening our understanding of the ethical character of rude actions. For the purposes of this essay I characterize rudeness as acting so as to offend others. One type of rudeness which is supremely blameworthy is rudeness for rudeness sake. At the other end of the spectrum is unintentional rudeness, which is blameworthy when the person performing the rude action is culpable for not acquiring information which could have prevented that action. Under the heading of rude actions I include deliberate omissions.

The combination of scenic action and music, known as "musical theatre," corresponds to a technique used by composers such as Satie and Debussy in the History of Music. As a result, the concept of "instrumental theatre" emerges as a concept in which musicians play the roles of actors. Mauricio Kagel considers himself to be one of the composers who has most explored the aspects of staging related to musical performance, attributing to the interpreter also actor functions such as: adopting certain facial expressions while playing, entering the stage in a specific way, interacting physically with other artists, and so on. The research method used in this article it was based on analysis and performance of the work Episoden Figuren, through the audition, experience and observation with others interpreters and musicians, colleting relevant literature to understand the composer points of view and to understand a period where many characteristics of our daily life emerge as an integrant part of composition process: speaking, lauhging, smiling, among others. In this process, the interpreter becomes an actor, performer, an artist.

Moral Sensitivity, Ethical Experiences, and Promotion of the Civility of Staff Nurses: A Review

Hameeda M. Aljanabi, Robin Maarman , Masoma A. Kehlini , Ola Mousa

Recent Trends in Arts and Social Studies Vol. 1, 26 April 2023, Page 58-66

The nursing construct is an extensive idea and an ethical responsibility to uphold and protect a patient's integrity and dignity. Healthcare is, however, quickly changing as a result of technological advancements and medical advancements. Nurses play a significant role in health care research, support of patients, management, policy writing, and decision making. Working under time constraints and with a lot of responsibility causes nurse burnout and ethical violation, which limits their ability to behave morally and ethically in situations requiring effective patient care. For "carrying out nursing responsibilities with an attitude coherent with quality in care for patients and the ethical standards of the profession," refer to the nursing code of ethics. The review argument that follows discusses moral sensitivity, ethical experiences, and the promotion of staff nurses' civility. The paper presents an overview of other research studies on this topic. Both historic and contemporary authors argue for a variety of ethical experiences, such as privacy and data protection as well as nurses' capacity for moral judgment.

Labour Commitments in the EVFTA and Requirements for Amendments and Supplements to Vietnamese Labour Laws

Xuan Thu Nguyen, Tien Dung Nguyen, Xuan Hung Nguyen, Thi Lan Anh Nguyen

Recent Trends in Arts and Social Studies Vol. 1, 26 April 2023, Page 67-82

This chapter aims to review and evaluate the contents of Vietnam's labour law and its ability to meet labour commitments in the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA). The main content of this chapter is based on analysis, synthesis, comprehensive assessment, and in-depth comparison with documents of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), regulations of EVFTA, and other legal documents. By examining Vietnam's law on labour and pointing out the current limitations and shortcomings of this legislation, the study proposes a number of amendments and supplements to perfect Vietnam's labour law, meeting the requirements in the process of international economic integration.

Zoning of the Large Industrial Cities Based on Comfort of Living

I. Kholoshyn , S. Mantulenko, L. Burman, O. Hanchuk, I. Varfolomyeyeva

Recent Trends in Arts and Social Studies Vol. 1, 26 April 2023, Page 83-100

One of the main challenges for the development of modern cities in the context of industrialization is to provide a comfortable living environment. The level of comfort is determined by the territorial interaction of natural and socioeconomic factors for the growth of the region.  This problem gets a particular importance in large industrial centers with a significant environmental impact. The territorial assessment of living environment comfort entails a detailed spatial investigation of the population comfort major components.  GIS Map Info was used to perform functional zoning, which included the allocation of the following areas: residential zones, public and business zones, industry and warehouse zones, resort and recreation zones.

The distribution of residential areas based on the level of comfort of the population's living environment was done using three groups of factors: transportation accessibility, social infrastructure development, and ecological state. The first group characterizes the habitat in terms of the city's provision of transportation routes for various modes of public transportation. The second group characterizes the social conditions of the population, specifically the number of educational, cultural, and medical institutions. The third block comprises the ecological state of the territory based on the criterion of atmospheric pollution. The score system allowed for comparison of specific areas of the study region throughout the full range of natural, ecological, and population comfort. Overlay procedures were used to combine the indicators for the sum of the three groups' contributing variables.

The article presents a map of the spatial differentiation of indicators of living comfort in Kryvyi Rih. The city's focus on being a major industrial center has established the leadership position of the group of environmental indicators in the situational model of the comfort of the local living environment.

Pattern of Self-poisoning

P. C. Sahoo, Karma Mingur Diki Bhutia , Ashim Mishra

Recent Trends in Arts and Social Studies Vol. 1, 26 April 2023, Page 101-111

The green revolution in India during 1960 not only modernized the whole agricultural system but with it also came the insecticide & pesticide which are injurious to human health. The objective of this study is to describe the pattern of poisoning in Visakhapatnam and its demographic correlates. This retrospective study was conducted in all poisoning cases admitted in Casualty department of Anil Neerukonda Hospital, Visakhapatnam and carried out during the period of 1st Jan 2014 to 31st Dec 2017. In our study it was observed that majority (47.37%) of the subjects were between the ages of 20-29 years with slight preponderance towards female (52.63%) as compared to male (47.37%). The majority of the cases (94.74%) belonged to the lower socioeconomic class. The most common location of occurrence was within the house (85.97%), and it was mostly observed during the winter season. The most commonly abused substance was aluminum phosphide (21.05%), followed by organophosphate compounds (14.04%). In conclusion it can be stated that the government should take legislative steps to curb down the menace of poison in the hands of the vulnerable people in the society primarily focusing on developing the poisons with less toxicity or non-toxic to humans.

The Future of Social Media and Internet Marketing: Social Media Challenges, Consumer Trends, and Ethnical MeMes provides insight on a registered member’s usership of social media. It analyzes one’s social media usage for entertainment and necessities during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic in 2020. The social impact theory was applied to perceive one’s social influence to partake in social media challenges, trends, and memes. A content analysis and literature review were conducted to evaluate a member’s social influence online. Registered users initiate dares to challenge another members’ ability online while topics trend due to its current popularity. MeMes furnish social, moral, and ethical expressions to communicate a message with some teasing talent for promotional use. The researcher found a user’s involvement in social media challenges, trends, and memes kept people safe and entertained during the COVID-19 quarantine. It also provides an users’ insight on the purpose and attraction of the blogosphere phenomenon.

An Investigation into Professional Conflicts and Disputes in the Construction Sector

Eric Edwin Owusu , Charles Akomea Bonsu , Opata Christian Narh, K. Oduro-Apeatu

Recent Trends in Arts and Social Studies Vol. 1, 26 April 2023, Page 128-163

The purpose of this research is to determine the nature and causes of professional conflicts in the construction industry, their potential effects on the industry, and ways to reduce or eliminate them.  Construction is crucial to the development process since it is frequently considered as an indicator of a country's socioeconomic progress.

The nature of Ghana's construction industry creates an inherent conflict between the major stakeholders. One of the main goals of the construction industry in Ghana is to contribute to national socio- economic development by providing the buildings which are used in the production of all goods and services in the economy.  The investigation begins with a review of previous works on the subject by various authors. Questionnaires were also distributed to various stakeholders in the construction industry, primarily consultants and contractors, with the goal of identifying construction disputes and conflicts in Ghana and developing strategies to prevent them. The collected data was quantitatively and qualitatively analyzed. According to the survey, conflicts exist on project sites, and among the causes are failure of clients to honor payments, unclear and incomplete descriptions of items in Bills of quantities, and delays in project completion, among others.

The report offers various recommendations, such as hiring qualified employees and providing projects with appropriate funding, to lessen conflicts at project sites.

The study comes to the conclusion that disputes actually occur and that resolving them incurs significant financial costs. Every aspect of the building process should consequently receive special attention.

The goal of this research is to improve future Reform Leadership Academy (RLA) training. With the help of education and training for governance goals, bureaucratic reform is carried out in Indonesia through developing the skills of the state civil apparatus. RLA training is one style of instruction. The National Institute of Public Administration has organized this program for the five years. The post-training evaluation of alumni RLA was completed by superior, subordinate, colleague and customer.  This study employs descriptive research methodologies. A sample of RLA alumni in the transportation office of the South Sulawesi Provincial Government was selected using a purposive sampling technique.  In November 2018, information was gathered through a questionnaire and an interview with RLA alumni regarding the implementation of reform proposals. Additionally, the data collection process included the use of a qualitative analysis technique. The findings generally showed that RLA alums were far more capable of implementing innovation and problem-solving in their jobs and responsibilities. There was a strong correlation between RLA training materials and competencies. There was organizational support for alumni in carrying out new solutions begun in the form of policy, infrastructure, budgets, and human resources.