This book covers key areas of biology research. The contributions by the authors include  antimicrobial peptide, atopic dermatitis, barrier function, epidermal barrier, filaggrin, skin barrier repair,  epilachna larvae, plant feeder pests, predatory species, physicochemical parameters, alkalinity, carbon(iv)oxide, salinity, dissolved oxygen and temperature ranges, brackish water, fishpond,  anaemia and antisickling property, cytoskeletal proteins, energy metabolism, mitochondrial interactions, plectin, tubulin beta, signaling, ischemia-reperfusion, cytoskeleton, energy metabolism, mitochondria, mitochondrial heterogeneity, preconditioning, reactive oxygen species, signaling, chromosomal band maps, herbal practitioners, medicinal plants, phytochemicals, ethnobotanical study, cell suspension culture, phytochemical analysis, phenolic compounds, succulent plants, biochemical parameters and kidney biomarkers, modern toxic metal, nephrotoxicity, cadmium treatment, cytomegalovirus, morphological evaluation, lymphocytic component. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of biology research.


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